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We encourage you to look into our rental services. It’s as easy as filling out a form and getting approved for a rental

Low monthly rental rates starting at $15.00 per month for clarinet,flute,piccolo,trumpet,trombone,violin,snare kit,bell kit.
-$30.00 per mo for sax,oboe,cello! !
– other instruments available also
-All money paid for rental is credited to the purchase price of the instrument plus PA State sales tax
-Our optional Repair Program is available for all rentals for a small additional monthly charge. Typically $2.00
-Rental fees should be mailed to our partners at Murphy’s Music Center.
-When the instrument is paid in full, upon request you’ll receive a “Contract Payoff” receipt.
-You may return the instrument at any time and pay only the rental fee due up to the date of return.
-Instruments must be returned to Main Street Music.

We also stock band accessories:Reeds,Oils,Cleaning kits, straps,books etc

Super Easy Application Process!!!


That’s it! No Gimmicks, No Pains, No Hassles! Enjoy learning your new instrument!

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Should you decide to purchase the instrument or rent it full term, the new instrument will cost more.. or take longer to "rent to own". The monthly rental charge is the same for each.