"Run by Musicians for Musicians"


We do repairs of all types of stringed instruments and electronic equipment including amplifiers,keyboards,PA systems etc.

Run by Musicians for Musicians



Have an instrument that’s been laying around collecting dust because you “think” it can’t be repaired? Bring it by and let us take a look…  From a simple restringing to a complex pickup installation and rewiring.. to refretting a neck or major headstock repair.. We do it all affordably and quickly!!! All guitar setups are completed in less than 24hrs!!


Have an amp that just doesn’t work like it used to? A keyboard that has a couple of missing notes? Let us take a look!! It’s most likely something we can fix!!!  Keyboards,amplifiers,PA systems,Tube amp biasing and repairs, effects, custom cabling, custom pedalboards. Our electronics service department has over 35 years of experience repairing, maintaining and bringing back from the dead every type of electronic musical equipment under the sun. If we can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.. We have the most affordable rates and fastest turnaround times in the area!!!

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