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Rockbox Red Dog Overdrive Pedal


Rockbox-Red-Dog distortion
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Rockbox Red Dog Overdrive Pedal


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The Rockbox™ The Red Dog™ is a distinctive distortion pedal with volume and gain controls to easily dial in tones from a tweed-like overdrive to aggressive punch. The Red Dog was originally voiced to work best as an “always on” distortion and respond to picking dynamics and the volume knob on a guitar. In recent auditions by our family of artists, however, we are finding that the Red Dog™ is also a great distintive solo machine with a signature note bloom and immediacy not present in other distortion devices, especially above the 12th fret. The Red Dog™ is also a superior solo machine when placed after the Boiling Point Pedal, with the Boiling Point Pedal set to mild clean boost. If you are a volume knob player, you will love how this pedal will clean up for a thick, classic rhythm sound.

The Red Dog™ is built using the finest audiophile grade components Rockbox Electronics can find, with minimum signal path interference for a very present response.


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